Project requirements were to develop a trial approach for a pilot program focused specifically on the student / job-seeking population on Rutgers New Brunswick campuses. As a User Experience team a certain process was followed to understand how we could best understand and build a product for the user. This process included methods such as contextual inquiry, personas, site mapping, concept sketching, prototyping, and usability testing.

My role was to survey actual students with questions, which the team decided would help shape our product. I created a user persona based on these findings, which was used throughout the entire process. During the design studio I hand sketched UI designs and later assisted in developing a prototype. Actual students were brought in and I walked them threw a usability test to see how an actual user would respond to our product.

Result: The recommended product is a “Career Explorer” web application. An interactive career pathway tool, which will be useful to Rutgers students who are curious about how they can use their majors in the job force. Rutgers can learn what careers their students are majoring in, which career goals appeal to them, and what dream jobs they are interested in pursuing — which can inform more targeted marketing and career services.