This company a clear and concise way for customers to learn more about their ecommerce website. After meeting with the team, it was clear that special attention needed to be given to media coverage and press releases, as current users were not receiving the most up-to-date material. These two areas needed a way to be archived and easily updated on the backend. Another important factor expressed by the team was there should be a clear way for a member of the press to contact the ecommerce site. As a growing start up press coverage was a key factor for growth. My role was to gather project requirements and understand goals, create a user flow and wire frames.

Result:  An About Us section brought to up to brand standards with a clearly organized navigation area. A easy to navigate About Us section where a user can view up-to-date media coverage and press releases, while having access to an archive. A button on the media page brings a pop up window to contact about a media inquiry.