School Website

Philip’s Education Partners is opening a new school in Paterson, NJ and needed a new website. The website was to replicate the website for their other school in Newark, NJ.

My role was to gather project requirements from the marketing team as well as school leaders. I was responsible for building the site on the CMS Blackbaud. While design changes to the site were limited by the CMS I was able to make smaller edits with HTML and CSS, and update site graphics. While planning the building of the site certain factors had to be kept in mind such as, the CMS it was built on, who would be maintaining the site and information to be included. It was my responsibility to organize the content in a way that made most sense for the goals of the website and ease for the user.

Result: Multiple meetings were scheduled to discuss the site and revisions made to come to the final product. The website was recently launched and families in the Paterson, NJ area can now learn more about the school learn about enrollment dates. Visit the live site at